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Meet Crowley, Shadow, Blue and Sashka

Let me tell you a few words about rescued dogs…

It is actually a reason why I am reaching out to you and why I decided to change my life and join pet photography. Now I see I’m not the only one and taking care of our furry friends became a life goal for many people.

The end of 2017 was extremely busy and I didn’t have a chance to meet new pups at Wamal (Washington Alaskan Malamute League). When I got a chance to do it in January, I was happy as a little kid. Miss it so much. With the help of Briand (Wamal volunteer) we did new portraits for four new dogs in 2 hours. The process is more about learning behavior and being patient. The key for the profile pics - show the dogs personality and got them adopted as soon as possible. And if we talk about realistic pictures, there will be always sad and happy moments. I hope, those mals will find their families really soon and will be happy dogs forever and ever.

More info about the dogs at

Meet Ayako, Yumiko and sweet Basil

The other story I have for you is about inspiration. How can one rescued dog inspire his humans to do fun, interesting and healthy business? Believe me, they are as powerful as all those super genius life coaches:) A few months ago I got a letter from one girl living in Los Angeles - Ayako, who was looking for a photographer in Seattle, so she can schedule a photoshoot with her sister Yumiko and her dog Basil, who are living in Northwest. The reason - to work on images that will be a starting point for their family business. When I answered the first time I had no idea it will be so much fun. We did a remarkable photoshoot day in  GRLS studio in Tacoma with professional make up form Lada Merk. Now I can’t wait till Ayako and Yumiko will launch their product!

Tips and tricks: How to download images from your gallery

Here is a little guide to downloading images for you to make the process easier. Please remember that high resolution images are large and will take time to download to your computer, phone or tablet, especially if you have slow internet connection. With typical image size over 10Mb, a small photo shoot with 50 images may take 10 minutes or more on a typical home broadband connection. Make sure you download files, not just save them as images.

You always have an option download separate files, or all of them as a zip file. I would suggest to go with second. Remember to download your images during 2-3 weeks after receiving the link, as they might not be there for longer time. And never hesitate to ask me questions, if you need help!

How to download from website:

1. Yay! You got your link via email and it is going to look like this:

2. Please, confirm your email to take a look…

3. The images are here and you are good to push that “Download all” (or click on separate file)

4. Confirm email one more time and…

5. You will see parts of the session, click on them. They will download automatically to your “downloads” folder on a computer. By clicking on zip file the folder will appear. 

How to download from dropbox:

1. You will receive the link, open it;) When you see the photos, click on it.

2. Chose the photographs you’d like to download and click this big blue button, you’ll see the downloading process started and can go check the folder, when it’s done.

3. Open downloads and click on zip file to un-zip. Enjoy your photos! Go print some, they are stunning!

News Box or what is in the next month issue…

I have a few photoshoots to show you, one will be an urban photo story and the other one will be classic pacific northwest journey. I’ll be working on projects for Seattle Animal Shelter and there will be some cute critters involved. Also, i donated a mini session for one auction that will take place in March at North Beach Elementary school. If your or your friend’s kids are studying there, you have a chance to get a great deal.

Stay tuned!



P.S. A little video of Shadow: 

Happy New Year Newsletter

To all wonderful families I met in 2017!

Hello everyone! First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you guys! May this Year be bright, sparkling, creative, healthy and pleasant. May all your dreams come true! I wish you all the best and really believe that everything is going to be great in 2018.  

I am incredibly thankful for having the best clients on Earth. That is why I thought, maybe I can  do something more for you in return… Creating memories it is my life and I would love to share them more often.

In 2018 I wanted to start this newsletter where I can tell more about recent news, giveaways, discounts, some photoshoot preparation tips, photography process and actually photoshoots. 

Stay tuned!

Much love,


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