You can’t run away from you passion

Hello Friends! Here I am again. What an interesting journey it was since my last blog post in April. I was getting ready for the Big event and it happened this June. My daughter Zoe was born and now we are the team of four (my alaskan malamute Shasta is our furry daughter, you know:)) exploring this wonderful World. We are happy to say “HI” to the lovely community we have here.

From Zoe with love to all “Ears & Noses”

Getting back to business as a brand new mom…

My life perspective changed a bit, but I can’t change myself and photography is what I love to do. I did have a little break from pet photography, but I did not stop taking pictures and had a chance to experiment with genres. Although, I missed interacting with animals and was crazy excited when got the opportunity to do a session with a falcon. Today I want you to meet very creative girl Jessica and her handsome boy Bellerophon:

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