Life happens

Last month was called “Exciting beginning”, but I feel like it could be the perfect title for this issue. Why? Oh, friends, I have so many news for you!

My adrenaline level jumps every spring. My mood goes crazy happy and it makes my life more productive and full of events. Of course, some events takes more time to get done, so everything we achieve during this nice warm season - it is the result of our hard work during the year. This month I turned 33 and was thinking a lot about myself, life, friends, family. My passion and work - it is one of important parts of my life, but starting this month I’ll take it a bit easier to have more time for my family and friends. My big news - I am getting ready to become a mom and my brain is in transition right now, I will figure out how to be present, keep doing what I love and became a great parent. If you will stay with me, it will be the best gift and will encourage me to follow my dreams.

Ears & Noses and Beyond

I tried hard to relax more and enjoy every day, but if your camera it’s like your third hand, you can’t just ignore it:)) So here are a few sessions I have done… The first photoshoot for 1 year old gorgeous boy Luka and second one - my volunteering project. By the way, if you are a photographer, please help your local rescue or shelter, those pets getting adopted much faster with a good photo story.

Luka Birthday Photoshoot

Seattle Animal Shelter photoshoot with Peanut and Pippin

Also, I did a few sessions for my human only photography (guilty, was cheating on my furry friends) If you curious to check it out, here are a social media pages to follow…

NK portraiture:



Tips and tricks…

This time I have a short but helpful list of tips that helps to get ready for a shoot with your pet. So, what to do, how to start planning and what you need to ask a photographer to get ready and be sure you will have the best results…

  • Chose the photographer whose style reflects your preferences. If you want lifestyle photos, not for commercial use, it doesn’t matter if the photographer focused only on pets. But, you need to check if…
  • …if the photographer you want to book is comfortable working with pets. Ask details about his previous experience. If there is no experience in pet photography at all, I would look for other options.
  • Try to imagine what kind of photographs you want to have as a final result. Photography is a creative field, but it will help a lot to know ahead what is the must have for you for the money you pay.
  • Find some reference photos not only on internet, but show the photographer what do you like from his portfolio, it encourages to work better and makes you feel confident that you have choose the right guy.
  • Set up a meeting or call prior to booked session. If you get to know a person just a bit, it will reduce your stress level during the shoot.
  • Follow timing and location tips your photographer provided. Lighting and composition are 75% of final success if not 90%, if you decide to change photographer’s plan and go with yours, it will be hard to guarantee the same result.
  • Plan your outfit and discuss it with your photographer. It’s all about a vibe you want to have on your images, use this moment to make sure you are on the same page.
  • Exercise your pet before the session! Especially if it’s a dog. Doesn’t matter how good the photographer is with pets, he can’t control the nature, knowing that your pet won’t have some extra energy, will help you to have the best experience!

  • Those are my basic for the preparation process, I will talk more about how to work with pets during the shoot on my next blog post. And maybe you will hear more tips from other professionals here :-)



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