Exciting Beginning

Spring always makes us feel refreshed and get ready for new beginnings. That’s why I want to show you two inspiring sessions with the stories behind the scenes. One story about family who recently moved to Seattle and we had a fun photo walk with the couple and their sweetest dogs. The other one about young family who welcomed their little one not so long time ago and wanted to captured the moment for their relatives and friends. So, let’s take a look…

From Seattle with love 

Starting new chapter, falling in love with the city vibe - this is the story I wanted to show. It’s good to be home, but what is more important to know - home is where your Family is. Don’t be afraid of moving, being together, supporting each other - those are powerful things that help to feel cosy anywhere 

The moment of Life 

Hey Pacific Northwest lovers. Meet one energetic family from Seattle! I know, you’ll feel the nature calling through those photos, because this is what I felt meeting them and spending the time while capturing the story

Tips and tricks…

At this part I want to walk you through my preparation and shooting process, so you’ll know me a bit better:-)

As my website says, I started pet photography first with volunteering for WAMAL and then moved to commercial shoots. It was extremely important for me to keep the deep meaning of what I’m doing and I continue working with animal rescue. Speaking of my clients, I love to prepare the best for the shoot, so it won’t be just work, it will be fun for both parties. And I enjoy to photograph not only pets, but people too, because we are all beautiful inside and out and exploring each other makes us wiser.

How the preparation looks like?

  • After I received a request for a photoshoot I’ll ask just a few details, but if you have time, I prefer to schedule a Q&A meeting. It helps to get to know each other and explain all the wishes better than emails. It takes not more than 45 minutes of your time
  • Then you’ll get the follow up with next steps. Those usually are: during one week after meeting I’ll email some ideas, tips and reference photos that matching the idea we talked about. This is why better to book your session ahead and have time to prepare the best. I’ll be looking for your feedback to know that we are on the right path
  • If needed, I always help with shopping for your photoshoot. Any decor, outfits or other details can be handled by me so you don’t need to worry or spend much time. I’ll be in touch to show what will work for the shoot and will wait to get budget approval
  • We will talk in advance about time to start, but the basic for outdoors is: sunny days - a few hours after sunrise and a few hours before sunset work the best, if it’s shady area  (woods, city or indoors) or cloudy forecast - we can pick any time just to make sure it’s not too dark. If it’s rainy and we are shooting outdoor, I still can make it, so it’s up to you if you ready for a nature adventure :-)
  • The last, but not least - looking for location. If you need any suggestions, I’ll have a few options to choose from and will check them out
  • Every photoshoot is different and you may need longer planning with additional services like: an assistant/second shooter, a decorator, a florist, a makeup artist or to rent a studio. Those are always in my mind to find the right solution, just let me know if interested

How the photoshoot looks like?

  • When everything is ready and it’s the day we create memories, I’ll make sure to be on location a bit earlier, don’t hesitate to contact me when you are there
  • Setting-up settings takes a little time, while we walk, talk and do test shots and it’s necessarily to get the best of the best. During this time you can drink coffee, eat or change your outfit
  • Main part - time to serious work. I will have some ideas about posing and will assist you with that
  • Working with pets. It’s the best to do it with assistant (a little addition to budget). Sometimes dogs work better with the owner and you always can help me with that and guide through communication with your pup. I always have treats, accessories and blanket just in case we need them, but sometimes favorite toy works much better. Please, let me know if so

When will you see the photos?

  • I always want to make sure that all the files are safe, so the first thing when I get back home - I upload all the files
  • Day of the photoshoot is always emotional, so I try to show you 1-2 photos right away (in 24-48 hours) with the editing you might like
  • When we discussed the style and you love it, I’m starting to work on the shoot and deliver a proofing gallery in week and a half (time depends on shoot)

Those are the most important parts of preparation and shooting process, let me know if there some questions left and I’ll add more info for you!



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